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For more than 15 years, Teriger has been providing superior Telecom, Networking and IT staffing solutions and services to some of the world's largest telecommunication and cable companies. At Teriger, we are dedicated to providing outstanding personalized and effective staffing services, ensuring that you get the right technician, engineer, or developer every time. 

As a Woman Owned Minority Business (WMBE), our focus is to provide, hire, and train women, minorities, majorities, veterans and people of Ccolor to meet the demands of your business goals. 

Our Innovative Recruting Process


Step 1 – Needs Assessment
A Terigen professional meets with your team to discuss goals and personnel requirements. A customized recruitment package is developed to meet your company’s unique needs. A candidate submission schedule is built, relative to your project timeline, budgetary requirements, and hiring process.

Step 2 – Candidate Search
Terigen’s HR team performs targeted searches within a proprietary database, advertises your classified job description across more than 5 industry leading job boards, and leverages over 20 years’ worth of industry-specific referrals.

Step 3 – Rigorous Screening
Terigen recruitment experts rigorously screen all potential candidates, conduct detailed telephone and/or face-to-face interviews and thoroughly review a candidate’s professional experience and capabilities relative to your specific needs. Additional screenings include: validation of technical aptitude through a 3rd party partner; interviews with Terigen’s technology experts; at least three reference checks with previous technical managers; and a final quality review is completed.

Step 4 – Candidate Selection
When Terigen feels a candidate is worthy of submission, you will receive a comprehensive candidate overview, including a current resume, skills/requirements match summary, contractual rate or salary expectations, and candidate availability. Your Terigen Account Manager will work with your hiring team to schedule candidate interviews and solicit post-interview feedback.

Step 5 – Candidate Approval
When you you’ve found the right candidate for the job, your Terigen Account Manager will work with your hiring manager to present an offer to the candidate and confirm start dates. After Terigen ‘on-boarding’ process is complete (including a background check), your Terigen Account Manager will walk your new team member through his/her first day (Consultants only).

Step 6 – Performance Evaluation: (Consultants Only) 
As part of our web-based performance management program, your Terigen Account Manager collaborates with your team to assess the performance of your new team member by conducting a 10 point performance evaluation on the 30th, 60th, and 90th day of his/her tenure. After 90 days, performance evaluations are held on a quarterly basis. Terigen’s Account Manager then spends time individually with each Contractor/Consultant to review their performance, addresses any potential gaps, and determining whether any additional training is required or desired.


Professional Services

•Stringent Screening Process 

•Tech Savvy & Business line expert recruiters

•Experience with several Corporate VMS’s

•Quality Metrics - Definition and Management

•Proactive Trending / Pipelining 

•80% of Requirements fulfilled within 24 hours

•Closure to Interview ratio of 1:3


Sectors we serve
  • Telecom

  • MSO and Cable

  • Equipment Vendors

  • System Integrator

  • Software Vendors

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