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Teriger's operates on the mantra of solving complex business problems by combining expertise in telecommunication and information technology and is proficient in both engineering skills and software development in all areas of this sector.  Teriger’s team comprises of highly trained, experienced and certified professional. Teriger’s management team consists of senior executives from the fortune 100 firms blending in their decades of experience from the corporate side which helps it understand its clients better and serves it in a manner that they themselves expect from their best vendors.  

Teriger has been able to remain successful during difficult years of the economy by reinventing and optimizing the processes that it uses thereby satisfying it clientele and keeping its cost low while delivering solutions efficiently year over year.  
 Teriger has earned accolades for its work from in Communication, Media, and Telecom (“CMT”) for work done for providing services and solutions for networks and data centers for clients in CMT.

Teriger is a USA New Jersey-based company with offices all around the globe, which allows it to provide services to customers closest to their area of operation and also uses its highly acclaimed offshore center to keep cost low while providing sophisticated solutions that has been praised by its clients



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